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Property Development Loans

At Selectabroker, we are focused on finding you suitable property development loans and finance, whether your next property development project is a multi-dwelling apartment complex or a skyscraper. Selectabroker understands that your needs as a developer can be quite different, depending on your experience level and what kind of property you are looking to build. But whatever your needs, you will need finance to continue growing your business. Whether you’re considering a commercial or industrial development, a residential property development, or even subdividing land, Selectabroker’s lending specialists can help you fund it.

Property development finance is a loan that can help you fund construction of more than one property on one title. Most banks and lenders split property development into two parts, and both can have very different approval processes, fees and charges, interest rates and risk assessments. Our team of professionals will pinpoint you to the right people based on your needs and aspirations. We liaise with you and comprehend your unique situation and circumstances. This is what sets us apart here at Selectabroker, as we continue to improve daily and assist more and more Australians when it comes down to property development loans.

-Property development finance refers to a short-term loan type which provides funding for the development of property.

-Development of property extends to construction projects, land purchase, property renovation and much more.

-Properties eligible for financing include residential and commercial in the context of respective property.

If you are unsure on how to take your first or even next steps in regard to a property development loan – contact the best team here at Selectabroker. Extensive knowledge, wealth of experience and a drive for success are our key stepping stones and we always put our best foot forward for you. Call us today for more information.



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Our success stories

Thank you Selectabroker for providing such quick and professional service, for what was a difficult task. We are in our new home and loving it

- Phil and Deb

When we found you guys we thought we had no hope. 3 Banks said no, and you were able find the right home for us. How you guys work for free amazes us

- David and Clare

You guys are amazing, had 2 weeks left to settle and you did it with 2 days to spare. Thank you so much and we will be recommending you to family and friends

- Yosur and Filipa