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Buying a property is a big commitment and one that requires careful consideration, especially as for most people it involves borrowing a significant amount of money. If you are not sure what type of credit agreement is most suitable for your particular circumstances but would like something that is flexible as well as cost effective, an offset mortgage could be for you. We can put you in touch with a financial consultant that will be able to examine your requirements in detail and help you to apply for offset finance or any other type of loan in which you are interested.

Selectabroker does not charge a fee for its services and we work hard to ensure that the consultants we recommend are the very best available in whatever part of the country you happen to live. The specialist with which you meet will be able to explain in further detail, but basically the name of this type of finance agreement refers to the fact that any savings you hold with the bank or building society from which you borrow will be offset against the outstanding amount that is owed. The subsequent reduction in interest charges makes offset loans an attractive option.



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