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Aged care finance

Select a Broker has helped people buy different types of retirement and aged care facilities. Our brokers have access to lenders who specialise in aged care finance.

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Aged Care Facility Loans

Most developed countries are dealing with the same issue – trying to figure out what to do with its elderly population crisis. Within this issue, there are additional ones, such as how to handle abuse of the elderly and how to deal with financial shortages, etc.

Australia is going through its own crisis with the government requesting the availability of more senior housing. You can help fix this financial crisis when you take the steps to support a business that houses the elderly.

You will be accepting a challenge to work in an industry that will never die out. Everywhere in the world, there are aged populations that need round-the-clock care in safe buildings. Our brokers focus on connecting the lenders to the businesspeople.

We make sure that everyone is on the same page and offer to clear up any confusion. The lenders are responsible for explaining the different types of loans they offer. If you have a specific loan in mind, you should not hesitate to say so.

When you give information to our broker, be honest and provide as many relevant details as possible. If you leave out even a few important details, you do not get the funding you want.

Connecting people has been our line of business for years. The services are free, and our experts are available 7 days a week until 9 p.m. Call us at 1300 510 045 or fill out a form online.

Have Access to a Wide Range of Options

If you have seen aged care buildings, you’ll know that each one is different. No retirement home has the same building design or facilities.

You must lure people into your business, so find a building that stands out more than the others in the local area. First, you need to secure a loan to buy an existing property. The Select a Broker company has the connections to help you do just that.

Whether you choose to operate in Victoria or Tasmania, check the availability of the properties you want. The listings you see on real estate websites are not always up-to-date. In some cities, you will find no room for an elderly care home.

Some cities and rural towns are not safe or efficient enough to care for elderly people. Select a Broker providers do not know everything about running an aged care business.

However, we do know that it takes time to secure a loan for this type of project. You have to secure the income, choose the deal and finally sign the agreement. It is a multi-step process that could go on for months at a time.

Select a Broker has lenders waiting to work with anyone interested in the process.



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