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A florist shop loan is made easy by talking to one of our expert business loan brokers. They are on call 7 days til 9PM on 1300 510 045 or email us.

Florist Shop Loans
Florist Shop Loans

Staring a new business is always a challenge and a florist shop is no exception. If the business is already established then the lenders will rely on the figures supplied by the current owners. If the figures are sound then the lender will have confidence in lending the money.

Financing a Florist Shop Loan options.

Once the lenders see the figures they will then look to decide what level of deposit if any you may need. That will also depend on cash and or equity position that you are in. It helps if you can provide as sizeable cash deposit. Say 50%. but this can be avoided if you have a good level of equity in a property. The lender will also assess your suitability around experience for a florist shop loan. With no deposit and or cash or equity very hard to get any type of lender/bank to support.

For all your florist shop finance needs call us today. On 1300 510 045 til 9pm



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