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Newsagency loans are easier to get then you think. Up to 70% of loan to value ratio. Find out how we can be of help by calling us on 1300 510 045 TODAY!

The newsagent is a popular enterprise in Australia and for good reason – it is the most popular corner store for newspapers, magazines, stationery, snacks and beverages, making it a cornerstone for any neighbourhood.

If you wish to establish one of these stores in your area, Selectabroker can help you source the right amount of funds through our nationwide network of lenders.

With our help, you can compare the many newsagency loans available out there and find one that offers the capital you require to purchase and renovate some commercial property while still keeping interest rates and monthly repayments affordable.

Our network contains approximately 60 lenders recognised as being some of the best in Australia. Each one has the licensing and accreditation to prove their reputation, so you can search for loan products with confidence.

Avoid illegitimate lenders by choosing Selectabroker for your newsagency finance search. Through a quick online enquiry, you can connect with the best local banks and financial firms FREE OF CHARGE. That’s right!

There are no extra costs to our service as we believe you should put this cash towards your new business instead. After all, establishing yourself as a successful newsagent requires plenty of capital to begin with!

To search for and compare suitable loan products, all you have to do is fill in the electronic enquiry form on the right. Give us as many details as possible and we will do the research for you, scanning through our network and finding some locally-based newsagency lenders who can supply you with the capital you desire.

As you can see, this is the no-fuss alternative for finding commercial funding. With our help, you can purchase and upgrade your newsagency, making it a successful local business, without being burdened by unreasonable interest rates, hidden charges or monthly repayments.



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