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If you’ve been looking into your borrowing options to procure the finance required to buy an existing pub or to start your own, why not talk to one of our representatives about pub loans?

Here at Selectabroker, we have years of experience in matching borrowers to lenders that are willing to work with businesspeople with all kinds of projects in mind – bars and pubs included.

By working with a firm that matches borrowers to lenders you’ll not only find that you’re able to access financial products at highly competitive rates, but that you’re also guided through the loan application process.

For borrowers, the application process is traditionally the toughest part of procuring the financial products they require to buy or start their own business, though it doesn’t have to be.

As you’ve probably realised from personal experience when sourcing competitive pub loans, many high street banks and lenders simply aren’t interested in lending for hospitality establishments at the moment, and not only pubs.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t procure a competitive loan to buy a pub however, because here at Selectabroker we’re here to help by matching you with private banks and lenders specialising in loans of this nature.



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