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Supermarket Loans

Placing your money into some retail real estate can be a good idea. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the appropriate mortgage without the right sort of help.

Here at Selectabroker, we can connect you up with a loan expert who knows which products are best suited to your particular property goals for supermarket loans.

Get in touch with our team over the phone or via our website and we will help you find a nearby specialist who has the knowledge and experience to assist you.

Free of charge, we take a lot of the headache out of securing a decent mortgage.

Gaining the Right Capital

If you are thinking about investing in a large retail centre, we can definitely help. Even though supermarket loan finance is a specified field, we can still put you in touch with someone who understands how the lenders think.

Our brokers will go over everything from the terms of the lease to the most suitable tenants. They will also advise you about the deposit required, as this is dependent on the financial position of the borrower, the lease structure and the client’s experience.

With our help though, you can navigate these issues very easily, obtaining the supermarket that you desire.



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