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At Selectabroker, we offer a free service to help you find your ideal mortgage, building loans, bank loans and other financing options with appropriate payment plans and packages for you.

select a mortgage broker - Building loans
Building Loans

Our construction financing services come from a range of lenders, with comparable rates and features to any standard financing services. Our highly skilled brokers will guide you through the process of deciding on the perfect financial product by comparing redraw options, base variables and offset variations.

Building Loan Services

The biggest difference between building loans and normal financing is that you only pay interest on the amount drawn down as you progress through the building process. Whilst not all lenders will allow you to take a fixed rate straight away, our highly skilled mortgage brokers will work to find you the best possible option no matter what your situation. Our main objective is to make your life easier, ensuring that the building loans our brokers find you will be tailored specifically to you, depending on your credit level and size of the land.

Depending on the construction loan option you decide on, you might only have to pay upfront for the land. After this you will pay your builder after each contractually agreed upon stage of building via your lender. They will send you a monthly request for an interest payment. Sometimes, you may only need to pay your builder upon completion, saving you significant sums of money in saved interest payments. To find out how we can make your life easier, get in touch via phone or email today.



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