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Through the Selectabroker website, you have access to an extensive network of finance brokers that spans Australia. By getting in touch with our team, you will be connected to the nearest possible expert who deals in your specified loan product. In this way, you can purchase a new place to live, buy a commercial space to rent out, or invest in some vacant land. Whatever your property plans, we can assist you with reaching your goals. We will do all of this completely free of charge as well, as we believe that everyone has the right to a better mortgage.

Helping Those in Real Estate Limbo

If you are partway between houses (i.e. you have found your dream residence but have yet to sell your current one) then relocation home loan finance may help. Our brokers will work with the most suitable lender, letting them know how able you are to service your debts in the future. You will need to have the right equity across your property to be applicable. On average, around 30% equity is required, although this may vary depending on your particular circumstances. Done correctly, relocation mortgages give you more control when trading property. They also help you avoid needing temporary accommodation.



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