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Selecting the Right Mortgage Specialists in Acacia Ridge

Purchasing real estate isn’t just a life-changing decision – it’s also a complicated process, what with all the budget concerns, taxes, auctions, and mortgage options to think about. Fortunately, Select a Broker can help make things easier for you. If you don’t mind filling out the form you can see on this page or dial our toll-free number 1300 510 045, we can discuss your needs and requirements for your property purchase and we’ll exhaust all means to find you the most suitable loan and broker for your peace of mind and convenience. Our Australia-wide team of specialists will do the mind-boggling hard work for you – rest assured that we only connect you with the most experienced and knowledgeable associates of trustworthy bodies such as the FBAA and the MFAA. Plus, our services are free – no need to pay us. A few exceptions may apply, but we’ll let you know upfront. We are available until 9PM daily to cater to your enquiries and requests.

Living in Acacia Ridge

Acacia Ridge lies 15 kilometres south of the Brisbane central business district. Named for the number of Acacia species growing in the area, the family-oriented suburb is great for its cost of living, safety, lack of traffic, friendliness, internet access, peace and quiet, cleanliness, affordable housing, and proximity to just anything you need. With lots of greenery around, you’ll be surprised to see the amount of bird life here. From parrots and cockatoos to kookaburras and pied butcherbirds, you just might want to have a birdhouse built on your yard in case the avian species come to venture. The suburb also has an overall walk score of 50, which means some places can be walkable if you need to accomplish certain errands on foot. Established couples and families, seniors, and independent youth make up most of the residents of the suburb. Meanwhile, manufacturing, retail trade, health care and social assistance, transport, warehousing and construction are the most common fields of occupation. In fact, the area is home of the widely-embraced, century-old Lucas’ Papaw Ointment almost every Aussie has in their bathroom, backpack, or handbag. Acacia Ridge also has some heritage-listed sites, including the Acacia Ridge Air Raid Shelter on 174 Mortimer Road. Beatboxer, singer, songwriter, musician and record producer Joel Turner and rugby league footballers Steve Price and Johnathan Thurston are among the notable residents hailing from the neighbourhood.

In comparison to Queensland’s overall average of 202 visits per property, Acacia Ridge’s high-demand real estate market receives a whopping 495 visits per property. And whether you’re a professional, a country lover, a student, or a young family with kids seeking for real estate – residential or otherwise – in this green and serene neighbourhood, all you have to do is to fill out the form in this page or give us a call at 1300 510 045 and we’ll gladly assist you in finding the best mortgage options for your dream property in Acacia Ridge.



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