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Select a Broker offers assistance in making your investment ideas come to reality. We have expert agents who have worked in the mortgage industry for quite a number of years. We will help you with the complicated process of acquiring your loan, from beginning to end. Not only can we help you with private home loans but also with commercial loans for your investments. Get in touch with us by calling 1300 510 045 or by filling out the form on the right side of this page. We are open to entertain your queries seven days a week until 9PM of every day. Once you hire a broker from us, you can tell them the details of your situation and your desired loan. Once we are able to get relevant data from you, we will then use that information in calculating the potential amount you can borrow. We will choose upon the many options different lenders would quote and filter out the best ones. It is with assurance that the deals you will get from us are the best of the best. Take advantage of our free guidance as you go through with your mortgage loan plans. Moreover, this free service can be yours wherever you may be located in Australia since we have agents scattered nationwide. It is our mission to give our clients the most efficient mortgage broker service there is.

Why Invest in Clare?

South Australia is home to many beautiful towns, one of which is Clare – a place you should seriously consider relocating to. It is a captivatingly quiet place that gives its residents the benefits of a relaxing country lifestyle away from the buzz of the city. The town is abundant of bush lands and Australian flora and fauna. Clare takes pride in its numerous wineries as well; there are currently about 40 wineries in the area. In fact, wines from Clare Valley are internationally acclaimed with listings from different high-end restaurants and hotels all around the globe. A quick trivia – the winemakers in town were the first in Australia to use screw caps as Riesling bottle covers.

There are plenty of establishments in the area that can cater to your essential needs and leisure pursuits. These include The Riesling Trail, Mintaro Maze, different wineries, restaurants and a lot more. Also, there is an event in town every year during the month of May called Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend. It is one of the first food and wine events in the country. Clare is rich in history and heritage as well and the museum in town showcases to the public the older days. There are also conservation parks where you get to see giant 50,000 year old fossils and native wildflowers. All things considered, this town has so much to offer to anyone looking for a new home or a place to grow a business. So, if you dream to live in a place that’s peaceful and full of nature’s wondrous beauty, then Clare is the right town for you. Call our team now to get free mortgage broker services for your property loan plans.



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