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Generally speaking, most lenders will want proof that the deposit you have was built up through your own efforts. Evidence of long-term, diligent savings shows them that you are a non-risky borrower. This is termed ‘genuine savings’ and is a valuable asset to have when applying for a home loan.

If your deposit was obtained through other means, you may have difficulty in the application process. That is unless you opt for non genuine saving loans instead. Selectabroker can connect you to a local mortgage specialist knowledgeable about these alternative credit options so you can gain the capital you desire.

While you can borrow a significant amount in this way (sometimes up to 95% of the total property value), there are some aspects to consider. First, the interest may be higher for non genuine saving finance so you will have to accommodate this to make sure you can afford all future repayments.

Second, you will have to show stronger proof of your financial stability in other areas, such as employment and income. With some help from our brokers though, you should have no trouble with the application process, securing the finances you need to then finalise that real estate purchase.



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