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We all work hard for our properties, and many of us have put in extra cash over the years in order to pay off our mortgage. However, if you’re short of cash, it can be frustrating to see your money tied up in your house. That’s why many people look into redraw home finance as a way of raising funds. It allows you to access additional funds that you’ve put into your property, meaning you can raise the money you need for any purpose.

If you’re considering this method of finding cash, then it’s important to get professional advice. Our national network of mortgage brokers can explain how the process works, and how it will affect your repayments. This means you can make an informed decision, and get all the information before signing. Redraw home loans are popular with home owners in all kinds of situations, and some people prefer them to other borrowing options. If you’d like to find out more, we can find a mortgage broker experienced with these kinds of policies, and they will be able to tell you all you need to know. This means you can get all the information you need on how this will impact your situation.



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