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Why Do You Need the Help of Mortgage Brokers?

If you are planning to relocate to Greenway, Tuggeranong or another district, one of the first things you’ll be looking into is housing options, and along with that mortgage prices. A new house is a costly investment, and browsing through lists of real estate options and numbers can take away the excitement of moving to your dream home as you compute costs and loan repayments. The sad news is it is a reality you have to accept. The good news is there are professionals who can help you make the process smoother and quicker so you can focus on the other aspects of relocating as well. We have professional mortgage brokers who are always available to help you find the most suitable financing option for any type of property investment. They can assist you with refinancing, loan consolidation, or professional package loans with large rate discounts. Our experts are up-to-date on the latest products and terms and conditions, and have access to a big network of credible lenders in Greenway and other districts in Australia. Since they are accredited members of reputable industry bodies you know that their advice can be trusted. Our mortgage brokers will be there to guide you from the first step of your search for the most suitable loan until the time you sign a settlement. And the best part is they will help you for free, seven days a week. With their quality assistance, relocating to Greenway can be a more stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Why Greenway is the Perfect Location for Urban Living

Canberra’s waterfront precinct situated on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong is not just a great place to live but a destination within itself. It is a community of top-quality housing options and a commercial centre—a vibrant activity hub that helps boost the local economy and maximises lifestyle opportunities for residents. This is a place where you can enjoy watching your kids play, while you sit and relax with a cup of coffee in a café and soak in the beautiful views. The master plan for this suburb focuses on sustainability, the prioritisation of pedestrian and cycling paths, integration of construction projects to the existing natural environment, the preservation of nature, opportunities for more activities in the waterfront area, and the addition of more ‘pockets of green’ within the area.

There are already several residential projects in progress, and all dwellings comply with construction standards—medium to high density housing developments that are two to twelve storeys high. Boutique apartment buildings and waterfront terrace homes have designs that ensure all residents can enjoy a view of the lake and parts of the landscape. Greenway is also home to the Tuggeranong Town Centre—it houses the 2-storey shopping centre Hyperdome, Lake Tuggeranong College, Australian Government buildings, a skate park, health and arts centre, archery facilities, and other recreational and community facilities. It is envisioned to be Canberra’s urban gateway to the mountains, a hub where one can live a modern lifestyle while still having access to plenty of open spaces and waterways.



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