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Why Hire a Mortgage Specialist

Many a dreamer who desires to build or purchase his own ideal home returns crestfallen when he learns he does not have enough money to transform his ambition into reality. This should not be you – your dreams of living in your own property, wherever you wish, can be made possible through the help of Select a Broker. By taking advantage of our trusted professional services, we will help you find the right mortgage experts you need for your real estate goals. They’ll go through numbers upon numbers of lenders in the market to select the best possible loan products for your specific needs and demands. With this vital task left in our end, you will have sufficient time and energy to focus on finding the property of your dreams. Leave it to Select a Broker to give you this opportunity.

Why Start Living in Richardson

The city of Canberra was designed by its architects to bring its residents closer to community and nature wherever they choose to live. As a result of the melding of nature reserves, residential suburbs, and business opportunities, Canberra homes are among the most highly valued, yet most affordable, real estate properties in Australia – right from the city down to its districts and suburbs. One of its perfect-for-living suburbs is Richardson, 16 kms south of Canberra, in the district of Tuggeranong. With a population consisting mostly of older, established and maturing couples and families, affordable cost of living, high safety and health care index, and quiet streets named after female writers, Richardson boasts an idyllic, family-friendly atmosphere that makes it the right place to start building and living. While the suburb is car-dependent and ranks 81st among the most walkable neighbourhoods in Canberra, pollution and traffic jams are unheard of in this part of Oz. The suburb is also home to Richardson Primary School in May Gibbs Close, which was the first to recognise the importance of IT in education and the first to apply new teaching techniques that involve interactive whiteboards. Its local kindergarten, Richardson Preschool, is also located at May Gibbs Close.

Richardson’s markets are held in one of Canberra’s heritage sites, the Tuggeranong Homestead. To feed its residents’ interests and hobbies, the suburb has a local oval used for sporting activities and plenty of parks and gardens. The most popular and thriving businesses in the area include building contractors, carpet layers and planners, excavating and earth moving contractors, hairdressers, gardeners, internet marketing services, home maintenance and repairs, roof cleaners and repairers, lawn maintenance and cutting, accountants and auditors, auto electrical services, alpaca and llama breeders, book retail, brick layers and cleaners, and bands, orchestras and choirs, among others. If you seek to build your future in Richardson, contact us by dialling 1300 510 045 or by filling out the form on this page. We’d be happy to assist you in making a home in the suburb, which garners 104 visits per property and thus holds a high demand real estate market, by referring you to a professional mortgage broker in your area at the quickest possible time – we understand the need to have someone who’ll help you choose the perfect mortgage for your needs.



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