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Your Dependable Mortgage Brokers in Berrimah

Owning a property is both a dream and an investment. However, it can be quite challenging to come up with the funds necessary to buy the piece of real estate you have so long desired. That’s why we at Select a Broker are offering our services to those who are seeking the right mortgage solutions for their property purchase needs. We have a team of experienced professionals in Berrimah and nationwide to give you your best mortgage options in the market and to help you make an informed decision. By enlisting our assistance, we save you time and money by delving deep into our database to connect you with the lender that suits your needs and preferences. No need to pay us for our services (although exceptions may apply, but we’ll tell you up front) – our fees are paid by our lenders. Just give us a call any time until 9PM – we are available 7 days a week to listen to your inquiries.

Why Choose Berrimah

Dubbed as a “paradise for blokes”, Berrimah 0828 has a ratio of 194 men for every 100 women, making it the “blokiest suburb” of the Top End, at least according to the Sex Ratio numbers provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Its residents are also the youngest bunch in the nation – the average age is 31.8 years in the Northern Territory, younger than those living in the southern states. But those are not the only things the suburb is known for. Named as the highest earning postcode along with Knuckey Lagoon by the Australian Taxation Office, Berrimah has an average income of $121,138 between 2012 and 2013. A chiefly industrial location 12.4 kilometres from Darwin, Berrimah’s affluence comes from the hard work of its residents and from its most successful businesses and services. The latter covers transport, furniture storage and removal, earth moving and excavating, abrasive blasting, steel manufacturing and fabrication, residential and commercial air conditioning, kitchen equipment and renovations, cars, equipment hire for contractors, crane hire, welding services, manufacturing and distribution, rubbish removal, tyres, building supplies and merchandise, building contractor services, steel merchandise and retail, electrical contractor services, motor engineering and repair, panel beating and painting, and landscape contractor and engineering services.

Berrimah is also home to Kormilda College, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Berrimah Power Station, CSIRO Wildlife Research Laboratory, the Showground and Exhibition Centre, and the Berrimah Research Farm Centre. In other words, Berrimah sounds like a great haven for a fresh start – a place to earn a better pay, and build a future. Thus, it’s no wonder the suburb has a high-demand real estate market and receives 203 visits per property – higher than the Northern Territory average of 185 visits per property. More people are planning to live their dreams in Berrimah and enjoy what the place has to offer them. If you reckon Berrimah is the right place for you to begin your future, you’ll need to find the right mortgage options for your needs and requirements. All you have to do is contact us at 1300 510 014 or fill out the form you see on this page, and we’ll find you the right mortgage provider in Berrimah.



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