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Hiring a Mortgage Broker

Select a Broker provides Australia-wide mortgage broker services to mediate between you and potential lenders in the market. We will gather important information from you so we can assess your full qualification in obtaining the finances you need. Once we know the details, we can then determine the possible amount you can get and the best options that will work for your needs. We will give you tips and advice that will help you decide which loan deal to choose. After which, we will be the one to look for financial providers who can meet your loan needs at the lowest interest rate available. These providers include lenders and a few banks within the country. We will do our very best for your loan application to get approval. We will be helping you right from the beginning until the very end of the application process. To get hold of our brokers, call us on our toll-free number 1300 510 045. Our lines are open any time until 9PM each day of the week. When you team up with us, you wouldn’t have to worry about the processing of your mortgage anymore. That way, you can focus your mind on finding the property that you desire.

Property Investing in Mawson Lakes

If you are planning on investing in a property in Australia, you might want to consider the hidden treasures of Mawson Lakes. Sitting 12 kilometres north of the Adelaide Central Business District, the developing residential suburb has heaps of great opportunities in store for interested investors and residents alike. It is not only a growing residential zone, but is a growing commercial zone as well. Travelling to the city from the suburb is rather convenient with its public transport hub called Mawson Interchange. However, residents prefer to use their own vehicles as their mode of transportation. Moreover, the locality proudly features two water supplies for its residents. They have a different supply for drinking water and another for recycled water. The town’s water recycling facility is the largest self contained water recycling facility in Australia upon its establishment.

Mawson Lakes, true to its name, houses well kept lakes and parks where the locals can enjoy barbecue facilities, open grassed areas, and playgrounds. The main commercial area of the suburb is situated in between Main Street and Garden Terrace, which has various establishments such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and retail shops. Another focal point for residents is Mason Centre; it offers different learning programs and the Mawson Lakes Library Service. Additionally, the suburb can be considered a sporty town with it being home to many sports club such as Mawson Lakes Football Club, Mawson Lakes Cricket Club, Mawson Lakes Soccer Club, and GKR Karate. Overall, Mawson Lakes is a great up and coming suburb that gives you different life opportunities. To know more about the mortgage deals you can take advantage of in the area, get in touch with our team today. Our team of knowledgeable mortgage brokers are more than ready to help.



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