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Mortgage Brokers in Australia You Can Trust

We here at Select a Broker offer our assistance to those first-time home buyers who are having difficulties looking for a mortgage so they can purchase their dream property. We understand that shopping for a new home is never easy as there are so many things to consider. For instance, the prices of basic and simple homes range from high to low depending on their current condition, the demand for them, and their location. Properties on bigger lots and are in favourable areas tend to be more costly compared to those that are far from good schools, recreational parks, local markets, train stations, and bus stops. By browsing properties you’d like to buy, you’ll have to wade through all these and things can become confusing in no time. That is why we are here to help with the financing side. Keep in mind that when it comes to huge investments like real estate purchases, making the right decisions is crucial. That is why when it comes to getting a mortgage, we will help you zero in on the most appropriate option, one you won’t regret.

Contact us on 1300 510 045 to take advantage of our free services. You can also let us know about your concerns and enquiries by completing the form on this page or by sending us an email. We operate all over Australia and are on hand to answer you 7 days a week until 9PM. Call us any day and we will quickly send you an agent who’s best suited to handle your requirements. Our mortgage brokers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the home loans industry and we are confident of our capability to provide the right mortgage to our clients. Throughout the whole process, we will carefully assess all the different levels of mortgages in the market in order to effectively provide you with one that works best.

Purchasing Property in Petwood

Turn to our mortgage brokers in Petwood as they’ll surely help you get an affordable home loan for the properties in this suburb in Adelaide, South Australia. Petwood is located in the local government area of Mt. Lofty Ranges and is a favourable place to live and work in for all people from different walks of life. Important facilities and amenities are within easy reach. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a wonderful bed and breakfast service on Lot 19 Ironstone Range Road, send letters and packages to your friends from the Dawesley Post Office in Nairne, and stay at a lovely cottage in Osteria Sanso Restaurant and Accommodation in Lot 81 Princes Highway. If you’re into photography, you can visit historic structures and features as well as memorials and monuments in Kanmantoo and Nairne, which are only 5 kilometres away from Petwood. There are also established medical establishments close to the area such as Calvert A F on Corner Main South and O’Sullivan Beach Roads in Nairne, and Barker Hospital in Mount Barker. Petwood is also great if you’re adventurous as you can explore the lakes, rivers, creeks, and bays in nearby Nairne Creek, the mountains and hills at Mount Barker, and the lookouts at Mt. Summit Rd. Families with children, young couples, singles, professionals, and retirees, will definitely love the lifestyle offered by this suburb.



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