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Importance of Getting the Right Mortgage

If you want to experience a quick and hassle-free process in looking and applying for a mortgage, then Select a Broker can totally help you. We understand that the home loans industry can be intimidating for home-buyers, especially those that are experiencing it for the first-time. If you go directly to lenders, there’s a huge possibility that you’re going to confuse yourself even more because there are a lot to consider, such as the amount you’re willing to pay and the amount you can manage to borrow. If you won’t get it right, you might end up investing in something you’re not happy or satisfied with.

Getting in touch with our mortgage brokers is easy. Just call 1300 510 045 or complete the form on this page to tell us of your concerns and enquiries. Our toll free service is available Australia-wide for 7 days a week until 9PM, so feel free to call us any day. We will reply to you immediately and send one of our experienced and highly qualified agents over. We will handle everything from your application down to the paperwork and legal documents. You will also be given unbiased advice and professional assistance throughout the whole procedure. You don’t have to worry about anything if you work with us because our agent will take the initiative in assessing the right level of mortgages in the market to find one that meets your requirements.

Looking for the Right Property in New Town

New Town is a pleasant suburb in Tasmania that is recommended for families with children because of the favourable choices of properties in their residential areas. If you’re looking for separate houses with bigger surroundings, then you’ll definitely like the fenced, single floor house in 307 Park Street, the bricked house in 103 Swanston Street, the housing compound with an accessible driveway in 1/38 Augusta Road, and the modern looking unit in 1/47a Cross Street. A big space within your property allows you to customise your surroundings according to your interests and preferences. You can install a pool, create your own mini garden, or work on an intricate landscape. Schools like Swanston Street Kindergarten, New Town High School, Sacred Heart Early Learning Centre and OSHC, Bowen Road Primary School, and Sacred Heart College are all less than a kilometre away, so you can be sure that your children are getting to and from school safely. There are also apartment buildings for young couples, singles, and professionals available. Plus, since New Town is only 4 kilometres away from the central business district of Hobart, you can just leisurely travel back and forth without any hassle. Besides, if you don’t feel like going to the city proper, you can just check out the local establishments in the area. You can shop for clothes in the Centro New Town, buy a cake at Bakers Delight, stock up on groceries at Coles Supermarkets, and look for your favourite movies and games in Video Ezy. In totality, if you are looking for a calm and relaxing place with a moderately affordable cost of living, then New Town is definitely the right place for you.



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