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Getting the Help of Mortgage Brokers

Lots of people dream of having their own home, but not all of them can push through with their plans and ultimately buy a house. There are lots of factors behind this, but one of the most common reasons is that many would-be home buyers don’t have enough funds to cover the costs of property purchase. Another is that they’re not familiar with the mortgage application process and are hesitant to apply for a home loan. These are common scenarios but, if you find yourself in these situations, don’t worry since there are several things you can do to achieve your goals and be able to buy your own home. One step you can take is to get our help here at Select a Broker. As a team of mortgage brokers with years of experience in the industry, we have developed the skills and knowledge needed to sort through the hundreds of financing products in the market and choose those that best fit our clients’ needs. By letting us work with you, you’ll have someone who’ll help you find a mortgage that has reasonable interest rates, budget-friendly monthly repayments and feasible payment terms. As a result, you can purchase the property you’ve been eyeing on without drilling a hole into your wallet.

If you’re ready to start looking for the right home loan, the only thing you should do is to call us on 1300 510 045. Our friendly staff are on hand seven days a week until 9PM to assist you with your enquiries and connect you to one of our skilful and experienced brokers. We have a handpicked team of financial specialists in almost every part of Australia so no matter where you’re located, you will surely have access to our professional and reliable mortgage broker services.

Owning a Home in Old Beach

If you’re planning to move to Hobart or to Tasmania in general, Old Beach might not be the first area that comes to your mind. This isn’t really surprising since there are many other more popular suburbs, but if you want to live close to the water and enjoy a quiet and less frantic way of living, Old Beach should be one of your main options. It’s a great place for families with small children since there are a number of excellent schools nearby like Windermere Primary School and Holy Rosary Catholic School. Parents can also easily shop for groceries and other essentials in the Woolworths supermarkets in Claremont and Bridgewater. Old Beach is a good choice for retirees ― especially those who need support and assistance with their day-to-day activities ― since there are several aged care facilities in and around the suburb. These include St Ann’s Homes (which is located right in Old Beach) as well as The Gardens and Pleasant Pines Hostel (both of which are in nearby Claremont). Old Beach is also a fantastic area for car and motorcycle enthusiasts since it’s near Baskerville Raceway, the popular motor racing circuit where championships are regularly held.



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