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If ever it’s your first time to find a mortgage for your property investment, you might be curious if it is important to get an agent or handle it on your own. Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages. But it takes someone with the know-how and experience to figure out the right deal that is best for you. Yes, it’s not a secret that the process is complex and stressful. You need to consider a wide range of factors in choosing the property loan that will fit your requirements. Moreover, acquiring a loan requires you to consider factors your financial status, your monthly income, the amount that you need, and a whole lot more. Things can become overwhelming and stressful quickly. However, we here at Select a Broker can provide you assistance. All you need to do is call our number at 1300 510 045. You can get in touch with us any time, seven days a week until 9pm. We have handpicked agents who are experts in all types of mortgages. They are fully licensed and are associated with reputable financial institutions. All these means that our mortgage brokers can take care of everything from securing a loan with an appropriate lender to communicating with your solicitor and real estate agent until the settlement is given to you. They are also capable of giving you the right advice as well as the best loan options. We offer our services or free as well, except on some minor cases which we will inform you about right away. So don’t hesitate to connect with us for your mortgage broker needs.

Colac: The Portal to the Otways

With a lively and flourishing community, there’s no doubt why many people want to live or start a business in Colac. It is one of the small cities located in the Western District of Victoria and is 148 kilometres or approximately 2 hours away from Melbourne. This waterfront metropolitan is the home to approximately 11,400 residents. It is the largest city in the district and serves as the commercial centre of neighbouring towns and rural areas. Its main industry includes agriculture and farming because of its strategic location, which is on volcanic soil and adjacent to Lake Colac.

If you choose to relocate in Colac, you will be delighted to know that the city offers a beautiful lifestyle with a wide range of business opportunities supported by a booming economy in primary trade industry, tourism, and community services. Aside from being commercialised, the city also boasts of its accessibility to nature and to different attractions. Lake Colac, for instance, is a famous spot for swimming, fishing and other water sports. Its foreshore also has a playground and facilities ideal for picnics. If you have the urge for a road trip, you can opt for the scenic Great Ocean Road drive. The city is also home to the Colac Botanical Garden, which is ideal for strolling. Then there’s the Great Otway National Park great for trekking, camping and experiencing diverse flora and fauna. So, if you are looking for a good place for property investment, somewhere that has access to both nature and the city, then Colac is a great place for you.



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