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Is it Worth Getting a Mortgage Broker?

You might be asking this to yourself now that you are planning to buy a piece of land, a house, or a commercial space and you need sufficient financing. To achieve your property investment goals, it is definitely a huge advantage if you get the assistance of mortgage brokers. Why? Because they are up-to-date on the latest products, fees, terms and conditions in the industry. This means that if you utilise their service, you can invest in a property without the hassle and without spending too much money in the process. Your next question will probably be where to look for the right mortgage brokers. Despite that there are a lot of firms available in the market, you don’t need to spend so much time browsing and searching because we at Select A Broker are ready to serve you. Call us on 1300 510 045; we are available every day of the week until 9pm to answer your queries. Once we get the details of what you are looking for, we will then assign you to one our professional brokers that specialises in the type of mortgage that you need. They will be the one to secure a credit line from a reputable lender on your behalf and will communicate with your estate agent and lawyer until the completion of the process. As a whole, our mortgage brokers will work to provide you the convenience and quality service that you need.

What You Need is Already in Maffra

Located 221 kilometres east of Melbourne is the town of Maffra. It was established in 1860 and started to flourish in 1862. Being a beautiful and a serene rural town in Wellington Shire, there’s no doubt why people want to live in this part of Australia. Being surrounded with lakes and reserves and approximately an hour drive to the beaches, Maffra is situated strategically and ideally for people who want to live in a peaceful and a more laid-back environment. Although the town is distant from the Melbourne central business district, everything that you need is already here in Maffra. Due to its location, agriculture is the main industry in the area. Every first Sunday of the month, the Maffra Variety and Farmers Market come alive. This event is held at Johnson Street where farmers and producers gather to sell fresh fruits, vegetables, goods, agricultural products, accessories and seafood to consumers from within and around the area.

Aside from the market, there are also supermarkets such as Woolworths and IGA, retail stores, restaurants, cafes and specialty shops located along the same road near the Macalister River. If you have kids and are planning their education, you can enrol them into Maffra Primary School, St. Mary’s Primary School and Maffra Secondary College. In addition, if you have health concerns, Maffra District Hospital is just beside Victoria Park along Princess Street. For recreational activities, the town is home to numerous parks which are ideal for strolling, playing and picnicking. Macalister River is also perfect for fishing. Since everything you need is in Maffra, for sure this part of Australia can be a great place for you to buy a property.



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