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Get Financing When Purchasing Property

Using a mortgage broker is pretty popular these days, and the reasons behind such a trend are many. For starters, a broker is someone who acts independently of private banks, credit unions and other financial organisations. This means they work on behalf of people like you. As they are not tied to any particular lending company, they are able to review all the products being offered and work out which one matches your situation. They will look at not only the interest rates and terms but also the payment plans and your budget. You are guaranteed to get the best possible package or scheme for you needs with their help. Plus, they understand how complicated applying for finances can be. With their experience and expertise, they will assist you in putting together a winning proposal and raise your chances of gaining approval. You won’t have to worry about figuring out the legal jargon or checking if you have the necessary requirements as they will handle most of the legwork for you. All you have to do is just book an appointment with them to start the process.

The easiest way to get in touch with a broker is to dial the toll free number 1300 510 045. Selectabroker has a team of 60 handpicked experts, ready and willing to help borrowers from all over Australia. We are open to serve you every day until nine in the evenings. If you are unavailable to talk on the phone, you may send us an email enquiry instead by completing the form on this page. We offer our service free of charge, ensuring you won’t have to worry about costs. (There might be minor exceptions but we’ll inform you them about ASAP). So, don’t delay and contact any of our representatives today.

Why You Should Buy Real Estate in Campbellfield

This charming suburb in Melbourne traces its history back to the 1840s when early settlers used the land mainly for farming. Population had been minimal then, but today there are about 5,400 residents here. This is likely because Campbellfield is just 16 kilometres north of the central business district and has easy access to Sydney Road. Though it might need some improvement in terms of liveability and transport, it is still a good location to invest in real estate or buy a home in Victoria. It has one co-ed public school, Campbellfield Heights Primary School, which welcomes students from preschool to sixth grade. As for shopping options, residents can head to Barry Road where they can find a strip of shops known as Fordgate or Upfield. There is also a small shopping plaza on Sydney Road that contains various takeaway restaurants, an Officeworks branch, a Coles supermarket, and a K Mart discount store. Plus, it was announced that IKEA would build its biggest Australian store in the suburb, so people should be able to buy what they need locally. Playgrounds, parks, and other open spaces are available all around the neighbourhood as well. The Seth Raistrick Reserve can be found on Campbell Street and the Northsub Golf Driving Range is located on Mahoneys Road. There is much more that Campbellfield has to offer, including great properties. If you want to enjoy the amenities and benefits described, check out the real estate here today. We would be more than happy to assist you with finding financing for it.



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