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Obtaining Mortgage Broker Services

Buying a property is easy if you have plenty of cash on hand. After all, the only thing you should do is to look for the house that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. But what if your funds aren’t enough? Does this mean you can no longer purchase your own home? Not really! You don’t necessarily have to let your limited funds stop you from buying a house since you can always get a mortgage from one of the top banks and lenders in the industry, such as HSBC, Bank West, ANZ and Citibank. You don’t even have to worry about choosing the right home loan since you can always get our help here at Select a Broker. We’re a team of mortgage brokers who will help you comb through the hundreds of finance products in the market and identify those that have competitive interest rates, fair repayment terms and reasonable monthly payments. We’ll also explain the pros and cons of each option and help you make an informed decision to ensure you’ll choose the best possible mortgage. Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll assist you in submitting your application to the right lender and securing the loan you want.

To enjoy these services, the only thing you should do is to give us a call on 1300 510 045. Our staff are on the phone seven days a week until 9PM to assist you with your questions and concerns and connect you with one of our mortgage brokers. If you can’t get on the phone now, you can fill out the online form on this page and we’ll get back to you at your preferred time. There’s no need to fret about the costs; our work is paid for by lenders, which means we can provide you with the best possible services without having to charge a broker fee. (There might be a few exceptions to this, but don’t worry since you will be advised of them up front).

Getting Your Dream Home in Donvale

Donvale is one of your best choices if you’re looking for a place that provides a balance between enjoying a quiet suburban life and having access to modern services and amenities. It’s around 19 kilometres from the Melbourne central business district, which means you can stay away from the noise, crowds and pollution of the city. However, it’s far from being a backward place since it can provide you with almost everything you need. If you’re a parent, for instance, you can easily ensure that your children will have a good education since there are a number of excellent schools in the area, such as Donvale Primary School, Our Lady of the Pines Parish Primary School, Whitefriars College and Donvale Christian College. You’ll also find it easy to shop for groceries and other essentials since there are lots of shopping centres in Donvale and in the surrounding suburbs, including Tunstall Square Shopping Centre (which has a Coles supermarket), Jackson Court Shopping Centre and Westfield Doncaster. Enjoying leisure time with your family won’t also be a problem since you can easily access the Manningham Donvale Indoor Sports Centre (DISC), which has a two-court stadium for basketball, volleyball, badminton and netball as well as a gymnastics hall and a multi-purpose room for fitness classes.



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