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Finding the perfect property loan is not so difficult to do thanks to the Selectabroker website. We will put you in touch with a qualified specialist who knows exactly how to get that home loan approved. This service is free, as we feel that contacting the very best Craigieburn mortgage brokers should be a right afforded to anybody. Our experts all have years of experience and know how to get you exactly what you want.

Once you have contacted a broker in your area, they will then get to work conducting the necessary negotiations. Whether this is with the banks or the local solicitors will depend on your situation and the type of mortgage that you desire. Each member of our network will also wish to establish a long-term partnership with you, ensuring that you can utilise their services and advice later on too if you wish to change loans.

Craigieburn is found 26 km from the Melbourne CBD and contained about 32,700 people in 2011. Located on the edge of the city, it offers a good mix of countryside atmosphere and urban proximity. It is also one of Victoria’s fastest growing suburbs, as the city of Melbourne continues to expand northwards. The most attractive houses are on Ripley Hill which is 200 metres above sea-level, offering spectacular views over the city to the south.

Due to its suburban location, property prices in Craigieburn are not too expensive. This could change in the near future however, due to the rapid growth that the area is experiencing. Connected to the CBD by rail and bus, the region boasts a range of amenities including a leisure centre, golf course, bowling club, shopping plaza and a global learning centre. Both now and in the future, Craigieburn looks to be a good investment choice.



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