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It’s fairly common for first-time home buyers to be intimidated by the entirety of the home loans industry. It happens to be too competitive that it won’t easily let you apply for a loan. You can’t really blame the mortgage market for having strict rules and procedures because, just like you, they are trying to look for trustworthy people who can offer them a great deal. What you need to successfully secure the loan you need is a mediator between you the buyer and the lenders. Select a Broker has a network of agents ready to take that part in your investment plans. They are fully capable of walking you through the whole process while sharing the burden. They know what’s best for you and they will never hold back on their professional advice and guidance. If you entrust your requirements to them, you’ll be able to get the mortgage you need fast and easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us on 1300 510 045, our toll free number that’s open 7 days a week until 9PM. If you prefer to contact us via email, you may use the form on this page. Complete it with your contact information and your detailed loan enquiry. The moment we receive it, we will send you a reply right away. Our service is available Australia-wide.

Experience Quality Life in the Suburbs

For those who are looking for spacious lots where they can park their personal cars, for peaceful days to casually get the groceries without having to worry about the long lines at the cash registers, for safe neighbourhoods where they can teach their children how to ride a bike and fly a kite, and for places where recreational areas are abundant, the suburbs are definitely worth checking out. There is one in Victoria called Keilor Downs. It’s not too crowded and it’s not too developed either, but if you consider the travel distance to get there and compare it to some other suburbs, you’ll appreciate the fact that this place is only 17 kilometres north-west of Melbourne. It’s not that far and it’s also fairly accessible. People who have bought properties in the area have described Keilor Down as “classy” and “lovely” with affordable housing rates. If you will actually take a chance to buy a new home in this suburb’s residential area, you have the opportunity to send your kids to a quality child care centre. Schools such as Keilor Downs Child Care Centre Co-operative Ltd and St Mary of the Assumption Parish OSHC are both less than a kilometre away. Their close proximity can let you drop and pick your kids from school without worrying about traffic. Moreover, the suburb also has established medical centres, twelve of which are located within 3 kilometres from homes. Aside from those, Keilor Downs also has three shopping centres, all reachable by the suburb’s well operated public transport system. If you want to live in a slow-paced and relaxing setting like this, mortgage brokers in Keilor Downs can help you financially.



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