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Using a Go-Between When Buying Real Estate

As buying property is such a major purchase, it is always wise to shop around when looking for a mortgage to close the deal. You should perform some checking yourself to ensure that you get a loan that is both competitive and suitable – else you end up paying more than you need to. But because there are just so many financial products and providers to choose from, you may benefit from getting brokers to do the legwork for you. Being people who specialise in mortgages, they can offer you a wide range of options and even help you pick the one that matches your circumstances and needs. They can assist you in arranging special deals and in putting together your proposal. They will negotiate with credit unions, private banks and other organisations on your behalf to boost your chances of getting approval for financing. The best part is that they will manage the application process through to settlement.

When you want to speak with a broker regarding your situation, just contact us here at Selectabroker. We are available to serve every day of the week until nine in the evenings. You may give us a call on our toll free line 1300 510 045 or you may complete the form on this page. We generally offer our service free of charge but there may be minor exceptions that we’ll make sure to tell you about up front. Don’t delay and get in touch with us today to find the right property loan for you.

A Hidden Gem in Melbourne

35 kilometres southeast of the Melbourne central business district is a canal suburb by the name of Patterson Lakes. It is a busy yet friendly neighbourhood with a population of about 7,600 people. It consists predominantly of new houses and is a popular portal for Port Phillip Bay. It is home to the largest marina in all of Victoria with quality facilities for complete boat fuelling and repair operations. It also has four public launching ramps and joins the Tidal Canal system to the bay. Amenities in the area are mainly focused on sports and hobbies as evidenced by the presence of the Dingley Pony Club, Carrum Downs Cricket Club, Long Beach Tennis Club, and more. The National Water Sports Centre, an international standard rowing facility, can be found here as well. Not to mention the John Lindsay Reserve, Roy Dore Reserve, Arrunga Court Reserve, Dandenong Creek Trail, and Peninsula Link Trail. Of course, the suburb does have something to offer in terms of shopping options and educational institutions too. For the former, there are The Glade, Gladesville Shopping Village, Harbour Town Shopping Centre and Medical Centre, and Lakeview Shopping Area. As for the latter, there are the government-run Patterson Lakes Primary School and Patterson River Secondary College. It is clear to see that there is something for everyone here, making it a good choice for all kinds of homebuyers, entrepreneurs, and property investors. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Patterson Lakes, give us a call and we’ll assist you with the financing.



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