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Paperwork is an inevitable part of life, an no more so than when you decide to look for a home loan. That’s why many people choose to hire a professional to help them with the transaction, and using a broker is a great way to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed when searching for a mortgage deal. Wherever you are in Australia, Selectabroker can help you find the right professional to make the process easier. Next time you’re looking for Bondi mortgage brokers, give us a call any day of the week to help you decide on the best person to deal with your property needs. This means you can relax, and start planning the more interesting aspects of your move. The right broker will be able to help you with everything from filling in paperwork, to finding the right deal, giving you the time to sort out all the other areas of moving, from changing utilities to letting people know your change of address.

Bondi is usually associated with its nearby beach, a haven for sun, sea, and surfing. However, there’s more to the area than watersports, and Bondi is also convenient for Sydney, being only 7km from the CBD. Nearby Bondi Junction is an essential destination for those who love to shop, and there are many plazas, department stores, and shopping complexes to enjoy in the area. There’s also the legendary Oxford Street close-by, one of the main areas for nightclubs in the city and with many historical buildings from different eras. Bondi used to be on the main line for trams in Sydney, and some of the old tracks can still be seen in the area. However, they’ve now been replaced with an efficient bus service that can quickly get you into the heart of the city.



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Our success stories

Thank you Selectabroker for providing such quick and professional service, for what was a difficult task. We are in our new home and loving it

- Phil and Deb

When we found you guys we thought we had no hope. 3 Banks said no, and you were able find the right home for us. How you guys work for free amazes us

- David and Clare

You guys are amazing, had 2 weeks left to settle and you did it with 2 days to spare. Thank you so much and we will be recommending you to family and friends

- Yosur and Filipa