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Getting Mortgage Broker Services

“What’s the most important thing you’d do when buying a home?” When asked this question, many people say that searching for the right property would be their priority. Others reveal that calling their real estate agent would be at the top of their To-Do list. There’s definitely nothing wrong with these answers but, if you’re thinking of buying a house, take note that these aren’t the only things you must do. If you want to make your property dreams come true without going over your budget, you need to look for a mortgage that comes with a competitive interest rate, a reasonable term and affordable monthly payments. Doing this might seem intimidating, but don’t worry since you don’t have to face this process on your own! If you get the help of Select a Broker, you’ll have someone who’ll assist you in sorting through the numerous products in the market and narrowing down the list to those that best match your requirements. We have hand-picked mortgage brokers in Five Dock as well as in surrounding suburbs so, if you’re planning to buy a house in this area, we can provide you with professional assistance as soon as you need it. If you’re ready to start looking for the right home loan, just get in touch with us and we’ll connect you with one of our finance specialists within the shortest possible time. You can give us a ring at 1300 510 045; our staff are on hand seven days a week until 9PM to assist you with your enquiries. Alternatively, you can fill out the online form on this page so we can call you back at your desired time.

Investing in a Property in Five Dock

Five Dock is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy suburban living without being too far away from the city. The suburb is just 10 kilometres away from Sydney’s central business district, which means locals have easy access to the restaurants, theatres, major retailers and other establishments that are located in the CBD. But, for most of the time, people don’t have to travel far because they can usually find what they need in Five Dock’s retail and commercial centre or in the surrounding suburbs. When they need to buy groceries and other essentials, for instance, they can check out the local shops or head off to the nearby Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre. When they want to grab a cup of coffee or sit down to a delicious meal with their family, they can visit the cafés, delis, restaurants and bakeries in the suburb.

One good thing about living in Five Dock is that most of the properties in the area are detached houses with sizeable gardens. As a result, you and your family can enjoy plenty of living and storage space and even have an area where you can plant trees, flowers, vegetables and herbs. The properties in the suburb feature a diverse range of architectural styles like California Bungalow, Australian Federation and Italian-inspired designs, so you’ll likely find a home that has a unique character and speaks to your personality.



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