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Looking for a place where you can invest in a property or buy a house can be a difficult endeavour. This is true especially if it is your first time. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, plus there are real estate terms and conditions which can be overwhelming. That is why we here at Select a Broker are ready to assist you. Dial 1300 510 045 to get in touch with our staff. We are available 7 days a week until 9pm each day. We are a firm offering free broker services which will help you choose the right mortgage option for your specific needs. Our team of brokers are experienced and highly knowledgeable, and are accredited by renowned organisations in the industry. They specialise in a wide range of loan options, which makes them qualified to give you the best advice and solutions that will fit your requirements. Aside from helping you find the right lender, they will communicate with your estate agent and lawyer for your convenience. As a whole, we value you as well as your time, and we will not let you down.

Dundas Valley: Right in the Centre of Everything

Dundas Valley is a suburb that is located 21 kilometres north-west of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). It is under the local government city of Parramatta. Dundas Valley is surrounded by neighbouring suburbs such as Dundas, Telopea, Ermington, Eastwood, Carlingford and Epping. Since it is surrounded by busy towns, it is one of the perfect places in Australia to invest in a property or buy a house. Public transportation is not a hassle in the area. There are buses and trains that you can ride to go anywhere in Sydney, as well as to all major centres and neighbouring suburbs. You can also reach Sydney International Airport by train from Eastwood. You can easily access the Sydney harbour through local ferries as well.

Dundas Valley is definitely a great place to live, work, shop and play in. You can purchase supplies for your daily necessities from a small shopping precinct on Yates Avenue just beside Curtis Oval. You can also shop in Eastwood and Carlingford, which are just a few minutes drive from Dundas Valley. The suburb is also filled with local shops, restaurants and cafes. There are lots of places where you can enjoy your leisure time too. Dundas Park, for example, contains facilities for families who want to go for a picnic. Then there is Curtis Oval with its walking and bicycle paths. Some smaller reserves also exist in the area and these are perfect for strolling. Now if you are into sports, then get entertained by watching football, rugby and cricket matches in Sir Thomas Mitchell Reserve and Curtis Oval. Both parks have recently upgraded their facilities and equipment to cater to children who want to play. If you have kids and are planning their education, you can send them to Yates Avenue Public School. For health concerns, Dundas Valley has two medical centres located in the far-west and far-east of the suburb. Aside from all of that, recent developments for residential and commercial use abound in the suburb. So, whether you are single, a married professional, or have a growing family, Dundas Valley is a highly recommended place for property investments.



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