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Insufficient funds should not hold you back from buying the property of your dreams. If your cash on hand isn’t enough to purchase the house you want, don’t worry since Select a Broker can help you turn your goals into reality. With the expertise that we have, we can give you useful mortgage advice and help you find the best possible home loans. Our team of experts can connect you to the best and most cost-effective lenders. So leave the stress of finding the right deals to us. We can support you through the whole mortgage application process, which usually seems complicated to first-time buyers. Rest assured our service is free from beginning to end. And if in some cases there are additional charges, we will certainly advise you of it. Wherever you are in Australia, you can surely avail of our services by dialling 1300 510 045. For convenience, you can also fill out the form on the right side of this page. We are available all days of the week until 9PM. Call us today and have a smooth property investment experience.

Real Estate in Macquarie Fields

If you want to invest in real estate in Australia, you might want to check out what Macquarie Fields has to offer. One of the most appealing perks of living in this suburb is its relatively cheap property prices. Compared to other areas in Sydney, it is one of the most affordable suburbs you can find. Not only are the houses light on the pocket, they also provide wide open spaces and big gardens. The properties are mostly surrounded by bushes and other plants, giving a country feel to the place and making it very ideal for country lovers. It’s a great place for families and retirees alike because the neighbourhood is generally quiet and peaceful. Despite the relatively large amount of green space, the suburb is far from being a backward country. For one thing, it has a conveniently located shopping centre that has specialty shops for the residents’ daily needs. It also gives the local easy access to the city through buses and railways; with a decent road network, residents can also drive their own vehicles whenever they want. Moreover, schools in the district including as Macquarie Fields Public School and Macquarie Fields High School don’t fall behind in terms of producing calibre graduates.

The suburban area is home to many sporting fields like Hazlet Oval, Monarch Oval, and Third Avenue. With these, the locals have plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. In the heart of the bush lands of the town is a small and isolated white sand beach reserve that’s great for picnics and hikes. For non-beach lovers, there is an Olympic size swimming pool and an outdoor aquatic centre at the Macquarie Fields Leisure centre. The police station, fire station and medical centre are right outside the shopping centre, giving residents a sense of safety and security. For first time home owners, properties in Macquarie Fields are definitely worth your time and money. We will happily assist you with your enquiries and help you find the best possible mortgage. Call us today.



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