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Purchasing a house or constructing a new one will require you to expend huge sums of money. Unless you’re rich or have already saved the required amount, you will need to apply for loans in order to start turning your dream home a reality. But finding the right arrangement can be a tedious, long process. You’ll spend considerable amount of time and money in comparing the many offers from lending companies. You’ll also have to deal with the different financial terminologies that companies may throw at you, further confusing you on what you really need. In the end, you could end up in a financial arrangement that may be tough for you to manage in the long run. But worry no more since our mortgage brokers are here to assist you! We have a highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable team who will ensure that you’re making a well-informed decision when it comes to having your dream home. Our experts will be with you throughout the process, negotiating with lending companies and other entities, so that there won’t be any obstacles along the way. We won’t just help you with finding the best home loans; we can also assist you with your other financing requirements, thanks to our intensive network of lending companies in the industry. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best deals on your funding arrangements.

Lilyfield Has Easy Access to CBD

There are so many reasons to have your home in Lilyfield, one of the inner-city suburbs of Sydney. For one, it is only 6 kilometres away from Sydney Central Business District. Lilyfield is originally part of Leichhardt and was once home of the working class. In today’s modern time, property investors have renovated the cottages and developed the area to take advantage of this suburb’s proximity to CBD. Lilyfield is home to families and individuals with different ethnic backgrounds, contributing to the multicultural community existing in the area. While residents are generally in middle class, the suburb still retains its working class charm. Established couples with children can also have a home in Lilyfield, as there are many educational establishments in and around the suburb from pre-school to colleges. When it comes to transportation, there are many options for you also, including the Lilyfiled tram stop where the Inner West Light Rail (L1) is servicing. There are also bus services available in the area, including the 470 service that takes you to the CBD. Lilyfield is also part of a major arterial road that connects Ashfield and Parramatta Road.

Lilyfield is a great place to live in for those who want a green, clean environment. With public transport a popular choice by residents, there’s definitely low traffic here, thus, fresh air is a delight. The suburb is home to Leichhardt Park, including the aquatic centre and the oval. Bicycle routes also exist in the area, some parts of which include the Parramatta-CBD routes. If you think that this suburb is your ideal place to live in, give our mortgage brokers in Lilyfield a call. We can assist you in finding the suitable lending company to help you realise your dream of having your home in this suburb.



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