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Why It Pays to Work with Mortgage Brokers

Before you even start hunting for real estate opportunities, you need to understand your borrowing capacity. This is where the Selectabroker service comes in. We can connect you with an experienced agent who can assist you in getting a home loan that’s suitable for your financial situation. You can learn more by calling 1300 510 045. Our toll free line is available until 9 in the evenings for every day of the week. You may also send us an email enquiry by filling up the form on the right side of this page.

The earlier you speak with mortgage brokers in Potts Point, the better able you are to manage your finances when you find your dream property. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment when you initially start thinking about buying. That way, you can maximise using a reliable system that compares your individual requirements against the latest offerings from established lenders, private banks, and other financial providers in your area. Our agents can even take into account features like discount rates and other introductory deals to provide you with accurate pricing in the long term. To begin the process, just choose a time and place that is convenient for you. Then, one of our experts will sit down with you to understand your needs and preferences. They will talk to you about how much you can borrow, what your repayments will be, which is the most suitable option for you, and how much you can save. Once you make your choice, they will walk you through the whole process – from application to settlement. If you wish, they can check on you after you’ve signed an agreement to determine whether any changes have to be made.

Buying Property in This Sydney Suburb

Bordered by Woolloomooloo and Elizabeth Bay on two sides, Potts Point is the ideal place to make the most of Sydney’s beautiful waterfront. It is all the more popular thanks to its blend of urban appeal and Parisian-like culture. Its local community brings together people from different stages of life. Near the harbourside with the tree-lined avenues and superb coffee shops you’ll find the more mature residents. Meanwhile, closer to the Kings Cross commercial area you’ll encounter the younger locals enjoying the proximity to adult bookstores, strip clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. The suburb is highly serviced too with a bus network, a ferry wharf, and a railway station catering to visitors and residents alike. The transport system should be able to take you around the handful of supermarkets which include a Woolworths and a Coles. It also gives you access to St. Vincent’s College, a day and boarding school for girls. If you’ve always wanted to live in a high-activity area with access to various amenities, you would be hard pressed to find a better choice than Potts Point. You certainly don’t want to miss out on one of Sydney’s leading entertainment areas so take a look at the property options in this neighbourhood today.



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