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Today, the common practice is to head to a broker for help in finding the right mortgage. There is good reason behind this trend. With the introduction of stricter rules, it has become that much harder to borrow money on your own. Reputable providers now ask more detailed questions and require additional paperwork. This means that some people face closer scrutiny over things like pension contributions and childcare payments, whereas others have to wait for weeks before they get an appointment. Choosing the wrong deal can cost you more time, effort, and money. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to use an independent agent. You will be given access to a wider range of options, all of which are from reliable lenders, private banks and other organisations. This enables you to better assess your capacity to take financial risks as well as to identify deals that match your individual requirements. On the whole, enlisting the services of mortgage brokers can boost your chances of gaining approval for a smoother property buying experience.

Would you like to work with a broker while shopping for a suitable home loan in Rockdale? Then, get in touch with us here at Selectabroker. We would be more than happy to connect you with one of our seasoned agents. Our service is free of charge so don’t hesitate to call us on our toll free line 1300 510 045. You’re also welcome to send us an email through the contact form on the right side of this page. We are available to answer your queries and handle your concerns for seven days a week until 9 PM.

A Nice Suburb in Southern Sydney

As a property buyer, you will find that Rockdale is a wonderful place to invest and live. It is located only 13 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD and is home to a vibrant mix of people. Here, you can find a diverse collection of natural, light industrial, residential, and commercial landscapes. With the approval of high density housing in approved areas, growth in the district has been relatively stable. Many tourists are especially attracted to the locale because of its proximity to the International Terminal of the Sydney Airport. It also features plenty of amenities to serve visitors and residents alike. These include King Street Mall, which has developed a good café culture, and Rockdale Plaza, which has been open since 1997. Other commercial developments can be found along the length of West Botany Street and Bay Street. There are a number of activities you can enjoy in this suburb. You can try duck feeding, bicycling, playing soccer, or walking around the Bicentennial Park, for instance. Or you can watch premier performances at the Town Hall. It’s worth dropping by St. George Tavern for a bottle of wine too. You don’t need to worry about how to get around because the neighbourhood is well serviced by trains and buses. If you prefer to travel by car, you can take major roads such as General Holmes Drive, Princes Highway, and the M5 Motorway. These all give you access to this great suburban area in New South Wales.



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