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Looking for the ideal place to relocate or to settle down is not an easy task—there is a lot to consider, like the location, size and type of house that you want to move into. And once you have considered those factors, you have to then think about your budget. That is why we are here to help you. We are a firm that offers free broker services that will help you choose the right loan options that fit your needs. Just call us at 1300 510 045, we are available 7 days a week until 9pm. We will make the process easier for you because our agents will be the ones to talk to lenders and your real estate agent, and deal with the other complicated matters related to acquiring property loans. Also our team of brokers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in mortgages so they are reliable and efficient.

Live Carefree in Sans Souci

Sans Souci is a suburb located south of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). The village’s name was derived from a French term that means “without worries”, or “carefree”. It is a part of the St. George area and lies across the City of Rockdale and the Municipality of Kogarah. The neighbouring suburbs are Dolls Point to the east; Beverly Park, Ramsgate and Ramsgate Beach to the north; Kogarah Bay to the west; and Taren Point to the south (which is connected by the Captain Cook Bridge over the Georges river). Sans Souci is also close to Sydney International Airport, with a distance of approximately 9.5 kilometres. The area is mainly residential, making it a perfect place to have a home and meet new people. There are plenty of transport options. For example, you can pedal your way around on a bicycle as there are many bike tracks in the area. You can opt for the steam tram when you want to travel to Kogarah or use the bus to visit neighbouring suburbs. Sans Souci is also a suitable place for families. If you relocate here with your kids, you can send them to the two primary schools in the area. For your daily needs, you can shop on Rocky Road Point where the main retail centre is located. It includes the shopping village and various fast food outlets. There are also restaurants and cafes along the streets, perfect for unwinding after a full day.

Sans Souci also boasts of parks and recreational facilities. On the northern part lies Cook Park, while reserves such as Kendall Street Reserve and Stan Moses Reserve are located in the heart of the suburb. Sans Souci Park is nestled in the southern part and comprises of facilities that includes the San Souci Leisure Centre and the Sans Souci Olympic Pool. There are also a lot of beaches you can choose from whenever you want to feel like swimming or getting some sun. So, whether you are a first time-buyer looking for a terrific place to live or are planning to relocate to a vibrant place, consider making Sans Souci your new address.



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