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Mortgage Broking Services in Stanhope Gardens

Finding the right mortgage is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. This is particularly true if it’s your first time to buy a property and you have no idea about what to look for in a home loan. This is also if you’re not familiar with financial products and terminologies and you find yourself confused and overwhelmed at the sheer number of options available in the market. But, if you need to get a home loan to buy your dream house, don’t worry since you can always get our help here at Select a Broker. We have a team of fully trained and highly qualified mortgage brokers in Stanhope Gardens who have years of experience in the industry and have helped countless of clients find the perfect financial product. The only thing you need to do is to tell us what your budget and requirements are, and our specialists will do their best to help you choose a mortgage that best fits your needs. And we won’t even stop there! Since we believe in providing the best possible customer service, we’ll continue to work with you even after your loan has been released. This way, we’ll make sure that you won’t have any issues with your solicitor and real estate agent and that you’ll have a smooth and successful property purchase experience. You won’t even have to fret about the costs since our mortgage broking services are for free! Our work is paid for by lenders, so we can help our clients find the right home loan without charging them a cent.

Investing in Property in Stanhope Gardens

Stanhope Gardens is located more than 30 kilometres away from Sydney’s central business district and is a part of the Greater Western Sydney area. It’s an excellent place to live for everybody, both young and old, but it’s especially great for growing families. Parents who decide to move to this suburb will love the fact that there are several schools to choose from, such as John XXIII Catholic Primary School, Kellyville Ridge Public School, St. Mark’s Catholic College, Glenwood High School and Quakers Hill High School. There are also a number of recreational spaces where your children can run around and play, like Stanhope Parkway Park, Portland Place Reserve and Watford Drive Park. Stanhope Gardens has a decent commercial area that includes popular supermarkets and department stores (including Kmart, Aldi and Coles) as well as specialised shops. As a result, it’s not difficult for residents to buy groceries and other essentials, and look for hairdressers, tailors, florists and other service providers.

If you’ve decided to purchase a property in Stanhope Gardens, you can choose between buying a pre-owned house or opting for a unit in new housing developments (which include Newbury Estate and Parklea Garden Village). Once you’ve made your choice, call us here at Select a Broker so we can help you find the best possible mortgage. You can give us a ring at 1300 510 045 (we’re available 7 days a week until 9PM) or fill out the online form on this page.



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