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Rely on Our Thornleigh Mortgage Brokers

Why would it be a good decision to work with our partner brokers? It can give you more convenience. Our mortgage specialists are available 7 days a week and you can contact them through our website or give them a call at 1300 510 045. Plus, they will do the legwork for you. This means you don’t have to go through hundreds of loan estimates and terms and conditions. You don’t have to do a step by step process of filling out application forms again and again. Another reason why you should get the help of our specialists is they can make it easier and quicker to compare loans. They have access to a variety of products and lenders and they specialise in all types of property investments. They will also screen potential financing options, then present to you a list of only the most suitable mortgages for your real estate needs. They will also explain all terms and conditions and other details that can make a big difference to your final decision. The best part about working with our brokers is they will help you for free. Just get in touch with so we can start helping you find the best property loan today.

Relocating to Thornleigh

This suburb is just approximately 25 kilometres from the central business district of Sydney and is located north-west of the city. It got its name from John Thorn. He was rewarded with land in 1838, after he and Constable Horne captured bushrangers named Dalton and John MacNamara. In the 1880s, a railway was built, and since then development started and has continued in this modern suburban area. It is convenient to travel to the CBD and surrounding districts as there is regular train and bus service. The Cumberland Highway, an arterial road going to Sydney and Northern suburbs, passes through the vicinity. Thornleigh Marketplace houses a Woolworths supermarket, restaurants and cafes, and speciality shops.

Most of the residents are born in Australia, while the rest of the population is made up of people who migrated from around Asia and Europe, as well as New Zealand. The main occupations of people living here are professionals, managers, clerical and administrative workers, technicians and trade workers, labourers, machinery operators and drivers, and work involved in sales, and community and personal service. This suburban development has been attracting a lot of retirees, families with kids, and singles as it has all the necessary amenities (schools, sports and recreational facilities, shops, parkland) and it is not too far from the city. Country lovers or those who want to enjoy a leafy, clean environment are also drawn here because the area is surrounded by lots of bush and nature. Most of the houses are stand alone properties, with some built around bushland settings while others are constructed on hills to provide owners with the best views. So if you want to experience the best of both worlds, start hunting for property in Thornleigh and talk to our mortgage brokers now.



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