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Toongabbie Mortgage Brokers for Your Convenience

Investing in real estate is a big decision to make. You have to get the best property for your needs and you have to get the best financing option as well. With so many factors involved, investing can be a tedious or even frustrating process. That is why we here at Select a Broker are ready to assist you when it comes to mortgages. Call us at 1300 510 045, we are available 7 days a week until 9pm and we offer our services for free. Our team of specialists is comprised of fully licensed, experienced and highly knowledgeable individuals, so you can rely on them. They will give you the best advice and solution that will suit your financing needs. In addition, they will also find the right lender for you and will communicate with your real estate agent and solicitor, saving you from hassles along the way.

Why Choose Toongabbie?

Toongabbie, located 30 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD), is a densely settled suburb. According to census in 2011, it is home to about 13,000 people, making it a great area to buy a house in or start a business. The suburb is also known as “Toonie” and “Toonga Bay”. It is notable for being the third mainland established by the Britons in 1788, although the site of the settlement is in Old Toongabbie. The Greystanes Creek flows the length of the suburb and that explains the name “Toongabbie”, which is derived from an indigenous word that means “place by the water” or “the meeting of the waters”.

Reaching Toongabbie is easy because of the availability of efficient public transportation such as trains and busses. The railway station was recently developed as well and now lifts provide commuters access to the station. The railway makes sure that Toongabbie is well connected to its neighbours, which include the suburbs of Hornsby, Campbelltown, Richmond, Emu Plains and Schofields. You can connect to Parrammatta, Blacktown, and Westmead as well using the buses. Toongabbie’s busy area is in Aurelia Street where the shopping precinct is situated. Before, there was a small retail centre in it, but was then bought and was developed into Portico Plaza. Today the establishment is the main source of grocery, shopping and consumer services for the people in Toongabbie. It contains a Woolsworths supermarket and a lot of specialty shops. Since Portico Plaza is still expanding, it is the perfect place to start a business because you can still choose the property you want to invest in. Perhaps you’d want to acquire space for a retail store. Also, the plaza has an approved development plan for a residential area above the shopping centre for approximately 143 homes. It also includes facilities such as a swimming pool and a tennis court, making it attractive to real estate investors. Recent developments have also been made in Toongabbie such as pollution control in local waterways and reserves. All in all, the suburb is a fantastic place to live in and start a business and our mortgage brokers can you help you in the financing side of things.



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