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Property Financing Made Less Stressful

Finding the right property investment can be quite stressful and time-draining. You’ll have to consider so many important factors such as location, accessibility, presence of important facilities, neighbourhood quality and more. Even more demanding on your time will be the search for the right home loan. You need to go over various offers, check long lists of terms and conditions, and weed out a provider that you can trust. If all these sound daunting to you, allow us to help. We here at Select a Broker will match you with any of our knowledgeable and experienced mortgage specialists. Wherever in Australia you decide to buy a property in, our brokers can provide speedy and reliable assistance. Our team works across the country and are associated with respectable industry bodies such as the FBAA and MFAA. Their knowledge are up-to-date and they can help you select the perfect fit from among a wide range of financing options for your property purchase goals. Whether you are looking for home and investment mortgage, commercial and development financing, or rural loan – our mortgage brokers will speak with you to understand your needs and figure out how best to help you. So contact our toll-free number now by dialling 1300 510 045. We are available daily until 9PM each day to answer your enquiries.

Move to Watsons Bay – Beautiful Harbourside Community

Gorgeous beaches and striking harbourside views are what you’ll enjoy when you buy a property in Watsons Bay. Part of the state of New South Wales and located on the eastern part of Sydney, this suburb is considered to be Australia’s oldest fishing village and its residents are treated to some of the country’s finest qualities. Properties here are priced higher compared to other places in Australia, mainly because of its closeness to the Sydney Central Business District (only 11 kilometres away) and popularity among tourists and Sydneysiders alike. It only has one adjacent suburb – Vaucluse, which is considered to be an affluent neighbourhood.

Residences in Watsons Bay are highly recommended for young families with kids, retirees, professionals and singles looking to establish themselves. Living in the area won’t be boring at all as it has plenty of history and is home to various heritage buildings including the St. Peter’s Church on Old South Head Road. For beach lovers and sun worshippers, both Camp Cove and Lady Bay beaches offer plenty of relaxation and entertainment opportunities. If that isn’t enough, just a few minutes drive away is Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Celebrated restaurants and beer gardens are easily accessible in Watsons Bay as well, plus transportation in and around the area is highly convenient via the tram line. For those who love taking walks, you’ll find that the South Head Heritage trail is a prime choice culminating at the Hornby Lighthouse where you can go whale watching. If all these sound excellent to you and you cannot wait to purchase your first home or holiday villa in Watsons Bay, then give us a call today. Or fill out the form on this page and one of our mortgage brokers will get in touch with you right away to discuss your needs and figure out the right property loan option for you.



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