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Looking for a property is never an easy task to do on your own. There are a lot of options spread across cities and suburbs with prices ranging from high to low depending on the demand. Select a Broker can help by taking away all the hassle in your search for a home loan. We have a network of consultants all over Australia so your current location won’t be an issue. You can always book an appointment with us any time. Most of all, our services are free and we are available Australia-wide 7 days a week until 9PM. Team up with us and let us know your specific requirements by calling 1300 510 045 or by completing the form on this page. We will get back to you as soon as we’ll find a highly qualified agent most suitable to handle your needs.

We have mortgage brokers in Annerley (and anywhere in Australia) who are highly capable of arranging the right home loan for you. We are well acquainted with how the home loans industry works and we can walk you through the whole process and help you get the property financing option that’s just right for your financial capability. You will be offered a valuable layer of protection during the whole process, so rest assured we are not going to offer something you will be uncomfortable repaying. Even if the mortgage market is highly competitive, our independent brokers can totally arrange an easy and simple action plan for you to follow. You will be given unbiased advice and proper assistance throughout the whole procedure. As a whole, we can give you a better opportunity in getting the best value for your money.

Purchasing Property in Annerley

Annerley is a beautiful suburb in Queensland, Australia. It’s only 4 miles away from Brisbane, which makes the place very accessible. The suburb is of medium population density with a moderately affordable lifestyle. Residents in Annerley will highly recommend the place’s pleasant living condition to people of all ages from different walks of life. Its residential area is mostly composed of character homes with pedestrian and bike friendly neighbourhoods, making it an ideal location for families with small children and retirees to settle in. Young professionals and singles will also appreciate its affordable blocks of flats and the various available options when it comes to transportation, which includes buses and trains. Annerley boasts a number of medical centres as well, which includes the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Qscan Radiology Clinics. You can look for a property close to shopping malls, local markets, and business establishments. The place’s education system is also top-notch. Annerley has government and Roman Catholic co-educational primary schools as well as an all girls secondary school, in which altogether has an average enrolment of 860 students with 78 teachers. If you’re going to move here, you get to experience and celebrate junction fairs and sales together with the warm and welcoming local community. Contact us any time for help with the finances you need for your property purchase goals.



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