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We at Select a Broker know that owning the real estate of your dreams is one important goal to achieve in your life. That is why we are here to assist you in finding top-of-the-range mortgage options that satisfy you. We have agents who specialise in the field of financing and are open to discuss with you in detail your specific requirements. With the expertise and experience that we have, you are sure to receive quality advice relating to several loan plans suitable to your situation or capability. We will see to it that you get approval of the amount that you need to get the property you are eyeing on. We will match you up with the most cost-effective financial provider in the market. So, don’t have any doubts of reaching out to us. Contact us on 1300 510 045; our lines our open until 9PM on all days of the week. You may also fill out the form on the right side of the page. Our free service is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Invest on a Property in Doolandella Now

17 kilometres southwest of the Brisbane central business district is a suburban area called Doolandella. It got its name from a broadleaf shrub with yellow fruit which is native to Queensland. The neighbourhood is situated between the suburbs of Forest Lake and Pallara. Throughout the years, many developers have bought acreage and built modern residences ready for future vacancies here. This makes investment in real properties ideal in the area. Another good reason to be in Doolandella is the accessibility to main roads and motorways. As a matter of fact, it only takes about 5 minutes to drive to the neighbouring Forest Lake Shopping Centre as well as Inala Plaza Shopping Centre. Also, it is just a few minutes’ drive via major motorways to places like the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich.

The locals here possess great community spirit so you can expect the suburb to be peaceful, quiet, and orderly. Schools in and around Doolandella vary from local state schools, Catholic private schools and some other private institutions. Residents can select from these as to where they would like to send their children. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the facilities of the many parks around too; Beccaria Place Park has a playground while Wallaroo Way Park has a bikeway network. What’s more is that one local park is even a habitat restoration site for Blunder Creek. Another place of leisure worth mentioning is an off-leash dog park that allows people to take their pets for a short day out. For most aspiring investors, they would find it appealing that recent homeowners and investors are now getting big equities within just a short span of time. If you are interested for more details on Doolandella or how you can get your hands on a property within the area, reach out to a Select a Broker agent near you.



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