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Why Hire a Mortgage Broker

Here at Select a Broker, we provide Australia-wide mortgage broker service for your mortgage plans. We have expert agents that have long years of experience in the field of mortgage loans that can give you helpful tips and advices. Our expertise do not only limit to home loans but to commercial loans as well. Because we know that making a financial investment is a major decision to make, we will be there to guide throughout the processing of your application. We will discuss with you the details of your requirements and see to it that as much as possible, we can provide you the financing agreement that you need. We will search for the right and most cost effective deal from financial lenders who will provide the funding you require. We will be assisting you right from the start up to the very end of your loan application process. All these noble services are yours to have for free. Call us now on 1300 510 045 or fill in the form on the right side of this page. We are available to aid you each day of the week until 9PM. With our service, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about in your investment plans other than finding the right property for you.

Invest Your Money in Mount Ommaney

If you are planning on investing in a property in Australia yet undecided where, you might want to see all that Mount Ommaney has in store for you. Great opportunities await you in Mount Ommaney since it is just 14 kilometres away from the Brisbane Central District. The name of the suburb came from the name of a mountain which in turn takes its name from the nephew of an early landowner and Commissioner for Crown Lands in Moreton Bay District. The suburb is also famous for being one of the centenary suburbs that was developed in the year 1959. Most properties in the area are situated on the hill itself. A large portion of the suburb covered with forest and is protected by the Brisbane City Council, thus, it can never be developed. However, there are still many estates in the area that are available for occupancy. In fact, many of the lots in the area are roughly about 1,000 square metres or more. Not only are the residents enjoying the wider property areas but also the community spirit existing in the neighbourhoods.

Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre offers variety of restaurants, fresh produce, and different retail items. Other establishments in the area include a post office, a special school, a state primary and a secondary school. The town alone have plenty to offer. However, if you choose to explore more in the city, there are great transportations that you can use. Like other suburban, public buses provide services in Mt Ommaney to take you to your destination. You can also drive your own vehicle or catch a ride in nearest railway train station. If you want to know the best financing deals available to you for your property investments in this suburb, be in touch with our team now.



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