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Purchasing your dream property can be challenging. If you’re not careful, you might end up with big regrets and unnecessary expenses. The whole buy-a-property process may induce a few headaches – especially when you’ll also have to find the right mortgage option for your purchase. Fortunately, we at Select a Broker can make the process easier for you. If you’ll fill out the form in this page or give us a call via our toll-free number 1300 510 045, we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your mortgage options and needs. Our team of mortgage specialists will waste no time to discuss with you your specific requirements and demands. Leave the laboured search to us – we’ll look for the most suitable mortgage provider for your purchase as quick as we can, and we’ll only choose who best matches your specifications. Our team of professional brokers have the experience and expertise to handle your property loans and all are associated with reputable organisations such as the MFAA and FBAA so rest assured that you’ll be getting quality advice. Most of all, our services are free (we’ll let you know up front where exceptions may apply).

What to Know About Dakabin

With a high-demand real estate market, Dakabin, Queensland with postcode 4503 is known for its resale and rental value. The locality sits 26 kilometres north of Brisbane’s Central Business District – that’s 1 hour and 31 minutes by train, 38 minutes by car, or 2 hours and 10 minutes by bicycle. Living in this Brisbane suburb are professionals, maturing couples, established families, students, and retirees who make up a total of 69% of the population – a great mix of seniors and young individuals where the average age of the residents falls at 20-39 years old. Popular businesses and occupation choices in this affordable, quiet, safe, and vibrant locality include child care, social and health care, construction, manufacturing, plumbing and gasfitting services. Other commercial services that can be found in the area are book retail, carpet and furniture cleaning, pet grooming, furniture removal and storage, lawn maintenance and cutting, real estate, rendering and computer services. Equipment repairs, maintenance, and upgrades are accessible too.

Co-ed and state education are also available, which gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to education. When it comes to sports culture, Dakabin has the North Pine United Soccer Club. Transportation-wise, its railway station provides residents access to the Queensland Rail City network, which is ideal if you want to use public transport to reach Brisbane, Ipswich, Caboolture, and the Sunshine Coast. Dakabin also boasts of a central location where you can get the peace and quiet you have been longing for and yet remain to be just a stone’s throw away from the buzzing business district. If you find yourself attracted to the serenity of a slightly hidden suburb that can take you back to the busy urban world on a whim, you just might fall in love with Dakabin. Don’t get left behind in choosing your future property in this highly valued locality – get ahead with the right mortgage options by partnering with Select a Broker. We are available seven days each week until 9PM to cater to your enquiries.



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