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Buying or investing in property is a big step in your life. However, along with this major decision you are making, is the anxiety and complexity of the whole mortgage loan process. Worry not; we at Select a Broker are here to guide and advise you on how to maximise your money’s worth. We will help you find the right deals to meet your specific requirements. Whether your loan is for home ownership or commercial purposes, we will cater your needs. Our expert agents will discuss with you the details of your loan and then they will present to you the best options while considering the requirements you have specified. Moreover, with our established partnerships with different trustworthy financial lenders, we can give you the assurance that the deals you will get are cost-effective. Our free service is available all over Australia. Contact us today at 1300 510 045 or you may also fill out the form on the right side of our page. We are available seven days a week until 9 PM. Work with us now and we assure you of a hassle-free mortgage plan experience from start to finish.

An Investment Worth Your Money

Approximately 7 kilometres away from the Brisbane central business district is the suburb of Clayfield, which grants investors and residents alike with entrepreneurship opportunities as well as great housing deals. It is a residential suburb that despite being close to the CBD still keeps its peaceful and enjoyable spirit intact. That is why it is mostly recommended to families and professionals who want to remain in close proximity to the city yet also enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it is full of amenities too.

Clayfield is abundant in educational facilities, which include Aviation High, Clayfield College, Eagle Junction State School, and St. Rita’s College. The majority of schools in town are private schools that offer high-quality education to the children of local residents. Aside from schools, the area also has a number of churches such as the Clayfield Baptist Church, Scots Presbyterian Church, St Agatha’s Parish, and St Mark’s Anglican Church. These sites can be accessible through the excellent public transportation system which counts in the buses and trains. Some residents find it more convenient to drive around the uncongested streets to get where they need to go. That makes sense considering that most places are just a few minutes’ drive away. In fact, you should have little to no trouble in getting to Brisbane City, the airport, Brisbane Royal Hospital, the portside, a range of restaurants or shopping centres. While you’re out about town, it can be worth visiting some establishments that are listed as heritage sites. These are the Lyndhurst villa, Turrawan semi-detached house, Tarranalma villa, Ralahyne villa, and Stanley Hall. Additionally, the neighbourhood takes pride in its lovely walks around the nearby Kalinga Park and Breakfast Creek. All things considered, Clayfield is a premium suburb in Brisbane that offers a lot of potential. To take advantage of its great deals, contact our team now.



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