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Reputable Mortgage Brokers in Richlands

Dreaming of owning a sprawling house with a magnificent pool and a yard shaded with beautiful foliage is an easy ambition – the hard part is making it a reality. Purchasing real estate can be a daunting task, especially when there’s all this talk about those mortgage rates. Rather than risk the headaches and bad decisions, why not let us assist you in making the whole property-buying-process an easier chore? By calling us on 1300 510 045 or filling out the form on this page and letting us know your specifications, we at SelectABroker would be glad to find the right mortgage options for you for free. Yes, you don’t need to pay us for the service – a few exceptions may apply, but we’d let you know upfront. Our dedicated, widely experienced, and knowledgeable Australia-wide team of mortgage specialists would take care of sorting out the best deals from the hundreds of products they have access to, and then present them to you so you’d know your best options. And we’d connect you with the right mortgage broker according to your demands. Questions? We are available 7 days a week until 9PM to listen and give you the solutions you need.

What’s Good in Richlands

In 1934, a small subdivision called the Richland Estate was built. This is where the suburb of Richlands most likely got its name. In the same year, the Richlands State School opened in the area with just one teacher. Richlands officially became a suburb in 1975. The growing of table grapes, production of honey, and farming of poultry and dairy were its earliest industries. Today, the top flourishing businesses in the district are related to accommodation and food, medical care, retail, transport and warehousing, scientific and technical services, engineering, construction, and education.

Richlands is only 16 kilometres southwest of the Brisbane central business district, and is easily accessible by car, train, or bike. Its residents – families with kids, country lovers, independent youth, professionals, retirees, and the Queensland Lions Football Club – enjoy a vibrant and convenient lifestyle. The suburb offers great medical facilities, green surroundings, plenty of parks and recreational centres, fantastic shopping options, a nearby train station for easy transportation, and an affordable cost of living. Popular sports activities include a weekend at Guse’s Tennis at 260 Government Road, at the AMF Bowling Centre at 407 Archerfield Road, or at the Inala Skate Park located along the neighbouring Inala Avenue. Currently, Richlands’ high demand real estate market receives 196 visits per property, with 18% of its properties being fully owned, 59% being rented, and 23% being purchased through mortgage. Most housing options here are separate, semi-detached, row, terrace, townhouses, flats, and apartments. If you’re keen on building a future here by investing in property, residential or otherwise, we can help you find the perfect mortgage options for your needs and preferences and connect you with a reputable broker in Richlands.



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