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Lenders that are keen to finance residential property purchases and commercial developments are still in plentiful supply but you have to know where to look if you want to find one that offers loans at reasonable rates and is willing to make a quick decision. We have a network of agents across the country, including many in Queensland’s state capital, who are intimately acquainted with the home loans industry and will help you to find a competitive deal no matter what type of property you are hoping to buy. Call us on our toll free number or complete the form on this page to let us know what you need and we will locate an agent with the relevant qualifications and experience, who will meet you at a time and place of your choosing to discuss your requirements in detail and formulate a plan of action for you to follow.

As any of the Springwood mortgage brokers that you may deal with will confirm, this suburb in the south of Brisbane is a very pleasant place to live. With seventeen parks and three shopping centres within its borders, residents of this part of the city have plenty of options when they wish to take their children somewhere that they can relax and play in a safe environment, whilst still being conveniently close to a wide variety of retail outlets. The city centre is less than 20 minutes away by car if you need something that cannot be found locally but it is unlikely that you will have to make this journey on a regular basis unless you really want to. Properties ranging in price from a quarter of a million dollars to well over a million mean that whatever your budget you should be able to find something suitable.



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