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Anyone who has recently purchased property in Australia can attest to how confusing the process can be, particularly in respect obtaining the finance you need at reasonable interest rates. Selectabroker’s mortgage and loan specialists have extensive experience behind them, and they’re on call seven days a week to leverage their expertise in your favour.

We are prepared to stand by you in a range of property purchases, renovations and investment projects. Our Strathpine mortgage brokers have connections to some of the most competitive and well-respected lenders in operation, and that allows us to stay up to date on the policies and procedures that property buyers need to contend with. Whether you would like to purchase a new property, consolidate a mortgage or take out a loan for equipment for your business or even a hobby, we will set you on the path to realising your dream. Perhaps best of all, our services cost you nothing.

The name ‘Strathpine’ has Scottish origins, and it translates roughly as ‘a valley cut by a river and cloaked in pine trees’. This area was actively involved in sugar and rum production in the second half of the 1800s, but the community as it is today was born in the mid-20th century. Gympie Road, which has its origins in a 19th-century gold rush, has more recently become a centre of urban expansion and gentrification. Today, homes and businesses on this road boast those signature pine trees that originally inspired the community’s name.

The Sydney CBD is only 20 km away, but one of this suburb’s best-kept secrets is Strathpine’s handy access to beaches on the Sunshine Coast. This makes it an ideal place to live and work for beach lovers and water sport enthusiasts who are looking for property that doesn’t come with a beach-front price tag.



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