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Why Hire an Expert from Select a Broker

Select a Broker wishes to ease out the complicated process of your mortgage loans in order for your dream estate to become a reality. We have experts who can help you out as you go through the planning process of your mortgage loan. They will give you worthwhile tips that you can consider. You can discuss with them the details of your desired loan plan and rest assured they will find a way to meet your specific requirements. With the help of our brokers, you are sure to find the best financial lenders that would suit your financial capabilities. And in some cases, we can even reach out to a few banks within Australia to be your lender. Furthermore, we have agents stationed in different parts of the country. So you are sure to have our assistance wherever you may be located within the country.

You can reach out to us by calling our line at 1300 510 045. You may also fill out the form on the right side of this page if that is more convenient on your part. We are highly dedicated in providing our clients a service of quality from beginning to end. Additionally, we assure that our mortgage broker service is free of charge. If you might encounter some charges on the middle of the processing of your loan, we will be informing you of it beforehand. Without having to think about the troubles of finding a financial provider and the whole application process, your mind can now stay on course in looking for a property to invest in.

Properties in Virginia and Your Investment Potentials

A largely residential suburban area that sits 10 kilometres north of the Brisbane Central Business District is the suburb of Virginia. What makes it outstand from the hundreds of suburbs in Brisbane is that the houses in the locality showcase the Queenslander style of housing. The Queenslander style of architecture is primarily made of timber with two storeys and one or more veranda spaces. Originally, Virginia was full of farmlands and swamps and was mostly occupied for farming purposes. However, in the later years, a brick company called Virginia Brick Company opened and paved way to quarry works. Moreover, transportation options in the area include the Citytrains that service to Brisbane and Shorncliffe and the public buses. As a matter of fact, one of Brisbane’s bus depots is in the suburb. Furthermore, leisure places in the area do not come short. Virginia is home to different parks such as A.R.C Hill Park, Downfall Creek Reserve, Radley Street Park, Warburton Park (Virginia Recreation Reserve), West Place Park, and Yarraman Place Park. Locals can take advantage of sporting facilities, playgrounds, off leash areas for pet dogs, and picnic areas. Additionally, Virginia has a lower density in terms of population when compared with other suburban areas in the city. Hence it is very ideal for families and retirees who do not want an overcrowded neighbourhood. Overall, Virginia offers so much potential to commercial investors and home buyers alike.



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