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Using a Mortgage Broker for Your Commercial or Residential Loan

If you live in Applecross, and you are interested in either a residential or commercial loan, how do you go about finding  mortgage brokers Applecross to assist you with that loan? Simple – give us a call.

We can find the right broker for you, whether your loan is for an investment property, a business development loan, a construction loan, or anything else for that matter. We work with dozens of mortgage brokers, so we are sure to find the one that best fits your needs.

At Select a Broker, our services are comprehensive, and they are free. That’s right – we can find you the perfect broker, with the perfect term and the perfect interest rate, all at zero cost to you. Simply call or email us, and our process begins.

We have access to over 60 mortgage brokers throughout Australia, so regardless of where you live – in Applecross, or any other area – we are here to work for you. Simply put, we do all of the legwork, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Let’s face it, today’s hectic times do not allow you to waste hours and hours contacting different brokers and comparing interest rates. We all have more important things to do! So letting us do the work for you makes perfect sense.

The Town of Applecross

Applecross is a beautiful riverside town located in Western Australia; it is an affluent suburb of Perth. It is smack in the middle of the town of Melville and has a population of approximately 7,000 people.

It is bound by both the Swan River and the Canning Highway. The town took its name from the Applecross Peninsula in Scotland, and many of the street names are taken from that same area. The first things most people notice are the beautiful jacaranda trees, which have lavender-coloured blossom.

These exquisite trees, which bloom in late spring, line most of the streets in the town. The town hosts a festival in honour of these trees each November.

Even though the town is small, it still contains points of interest such as luxurious hotels, spacious apartments, healthcare facilities, and community recreation facilities. The Canning Bridge, a bridge that runs from Como to Applecross, is part of Canning Highway and is a real site to see.

At its narrowest point, the bridge is approximately 100 metres across, and it is located very close to the Canning Bridge railway station, another interesting site. The bridge was most recently updated in 1997, and in March 2012 the bridge was listed as a Western Australian State Heritage site.

Applecross also lays claim to many famous celebrities, including the late Heath Ledger. Whether you’re interested in a little history or a city that is aesthetically pleasing, your visit to Applecross will not be forgotten.



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