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At Selectabroker, we understand how frustrating it can be to find dependable home

finance when you need it most. Simply finding a lender who can provide the type of

finance you require is difficult enough, and it takes time. This is where Selectabroker

can make the process a great deal easier. Contact us via our toll-free number or

by filling out an enquiry via our website, and we’ll begin the search for Mortgage

Brokers. Using the details you supply, we’ll focus on those lenders who are bestsuited to your situation, cutting out the hassle and dead ends that you’re likely to

encounter if you go it alone. But here’s the best part: our services are entirely free to

you. We’ll be by your side from loan application to approval to ensure that you end

up with the finance package that you require.

Located about 15 km southeast of Perth CBD, Beckenham is an ideal residential

suburb for professionals and families. The Armadale Line runs directly through

Beckenham and operates direct service to Perth CBD. It takes approximately 20

minutes to reach Perth Station on the railway. One station over from Beckenham is

Cannington, next to Sevenoaks Senior College and Cannington Community College.

Finance brokers understand the value of this community and the type of satisfied

resident it produces. Locals have virtually everything they need right on their door

step. Westfield Shopping Centre (Perth’s largest retail complex) is just down the

street, and locals are closer than just about anyone else in Perth. Beckenham is also

dotted with parks and gardens. Mills Park is the largest, and it includes sporing

clubs, a skate park, children’s play area and barbecue facilities. The Tonkin Highway

runs northeast of Beckenham and connects to Perth Airport in about 15 minutes.



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